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Keli uses superior quality 100 % merino wool packed with unbeatable features

  • Doesn’t itch

    Merino wool fibers are naturally longer, thinner and softer than regular wool. A micron (μ) is used to express the diameter of wool fiber. Fine wool fibers have low micron value, the lower the value, the softer the fabric. Human hair is about 60 microns thick, normal sheep wool fibers thickness varies from 20 to 35 μ. We use top quality fabric made from 17,5 microns merino wool. The special spinning system used by the manufacturer makes the fibers even softer and smoother. So the fabric doesn’t itch when worn against your skin.

  • Moisture wicking

    The small cells on the surface of merino wool fibers can absorb and release moisture rapidly so you feel comfortable when you move. Wool can absorb water more than 35% of its own weight without feeling wet or cold. In synthetic fabric corresponding figure is 1%.

  • Stays fresh

    As the wool wicks moisture effectively, it also contains lanolin, a natural grease that prevents odour-inducing bacterial growth in the garment
    The porous structure of the fiber also prevents mold. By airing out the garment after each use, you rarely have to wash it.
    Fewer washes, happier environment.

  • Warms you up and cools you down

    Wearing merino wool is like having a personal air conditioning, it warms you up and cools you down when needed. The effect is based on the microscopic air pockets of the curly merino fibre that restore and release air according to your body’s temperature.

  • Natural superpowers

    Because of the lanolin and porous structure of the wool, it is antibacterial and dirt repelling. Even dust mites will not thrive in wool. Merino wool also provides natural protection from UV rays, it’s fire resistant and it doesn’t create static electricity as much as man-made fibers.

  • Looks good

    Our merino wool fabric is damn good looking. Silky shine of the material and smart design together with great features of the wool make sure that you feel comfortable, as well as stylish, no matter the weather.
    The spring-like structure of merino wool fibers and thickness of the fabric make the material durable and smooth.

  • Sustainable and nature friendly

    Your garment is made to last, you don’t need to throw it away because it would start to stink like a rotten ape. By airing out your garment after use you don’t need to wash it so often. If a hole would appear in your Keli, you can fix it with a needle and thread, collecting the loops from the inner side of the garment with a few stiches.

    And when it’s time to abandon your Keli, the fabric is biodegradable so it will not stay here forever.

  • Certified natural fibre

    Our ZQ-sertified merino wool comes from New Zealand. It’s always Mulesing-free, so the poor lambs don’t have to endure the pain of the method where a strip of skin around lambs backside is removed without pain relief.
    The wool is spun into yarn and knit into fabric in Italy, in a factory with hundreds of years of experience in wool. The factory has an environmental plan that has earned them, as the only wool factory in the world, the EMAS (European Management & Audit Scheme) -certificate.